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as all my work is sold out at FlambeFine Art, YAY, i have decided i should open up 2009 – still life!  i am planning on getting some more work done soon and will add to my gallery… that is if my little one lets me work long enough!  fingers crossed…


***state of the artist

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i have some good new s and some bad news!  the good news is that i have flambe fine art gallery now representing me in Franschhoek, very exciting, but, the bad news is that it means that i have closed my new gallery 2009 – still life for now as they have taken on all my work i had on sale there.  not to worry as i am planning on doing new works for this space and will be updating again soon, so check back soon for new paintings for sale!  remember to visit flambe fine art on your next visit to the vinyards…

***state of the artist

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so the picnic was loads of fun!  i have finally managed to upload some of the work i had up for the day and i am thinking i’ll be doing loads more of these as it is so much fun to come up with the next item to paint…  have a squiz at my NEW 2009 gallery – still life and be sure to check again and again for new additions to the lot!  let me know what you think? k

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this design studio Christmas picnic has got me painting like a crazy woman again…  so little time, so much to do!  why is it that i always get into this panicked rush before my exhibitions?  maybe because,  i work so much better with a deadline…

im really excited about the work i’ve been doing as it is a little different from my usual stuff,  mostly still life and a little nostalgic that i thought suitable for this event as Christmas seems to bring out that little bit of nostalgia in most of us, well, it certainly does for me.  the subject is a bit retro inspired that falls in that ‘memories’ catagory that the holidays also represent!  would love to upload a sneak peak as i usually do, but am having trouble with my camera, so be patient and perhaps the fun lies in the anticipation… a little like waiting for santa! see you on the 3rd! xk

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3 dec ‘09, 16h00 onwards, studio’s at 30 roodebloem rd, woodstock, cape town

we would like to invite you to this very special event, support your local artist/designers and shop homegrown.  …this is what Christmas in cape town should be like!

creations on sale include:  i love leroy, frieda luhl, missibaba, honest chocolate, karin faucheux, knolc, str!p, veldt, cup kate, skermunkil, gwen loves harold, stephen quatember and air up there.

thhere will be baked goods, food and drinks available, hope to see you there!  Christmas shopping will never be the same again…

come see whats under our tree… k

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’tis the season!  so what could be better than a christmas fete @ 30 roodebloem road, woodstock, cpt?  3 december 2009.  time to be confirmed.  make christmas shopping creative this year, support your local artists and give your friends and family a homegrown gift.  check back soon for further details…

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kwalapa! its all things organic and my friend emily’s new hot spot!  they can be found at the montebello art and design studio’s in newlands and today is their official grand opening!  em has been kind enough to hang some of my works up for sale, so im spreading the word!




whie noise - saa

montabello is an awesome spot to wander around at on a summers morning.  it’s a non-profit organisation with working studio’s of pottery, woodwork, leather, painting, there is even a very ‘secret garden’-like nursery, the very cool mielie store with all things creative for sale and much more!  kwalapa is the latest edition and sells organic produce and products, serve a fine organic coffee and are about to take cape town by storm!  so, next time you and your friends pop round for coffee and brownies, ask about my art!

hope to hear some comments about the store …and my paintings real soon!