2008 gallery

all paintings posted in my gallery are for sale.  if you like something that has already sold, i would be happy to do something similar on commission!  prices are in south african rands and does not include postage. for further details please feel free to contact me via email – see contact details, in the meantime, enjoy and keep on checking this space! k

yesterdayyesterday, oil on canvas, 46cmX46cm, SOLD

todaytoday, oil on canvas, 61cmX46cm, r1800

tomorrowtomorrow, oil on canvas, 61cmX46cm, r1800

the-competitionthe competition, oil on canvas, 90cmX90cm, r3800


gone fishing, oil on canvas, 28cmX45cm, SOLD @ r850


the jones’s, oil on canvas, 21cmX31cm, SOLD @ r750


conversations, oil on canvas, 77X60cm, SOLD @ r3500


queen of tarts, oil on canvas, 77X60cm, r3500

anticipation, oil on canvas, 61cmx61cm, SOLD @ r3800

solitude, oil on canvas, 61cmx61cm, SOLD @ r3800

la vie en rose! oil on canvas, 91cmx91cm, r4000


3 Responses to “2008 gallery”

  1. very good

  2. Hi Karin Faucheux 1
    Good work! sensuous and dreamy. Saw you on the Saatchi, you’ll be famous one of these days, not that it matters, your stuff is good anyway.

  3. Hi Karin
    WOW… I absolutely love your work, you are incredibly talented. Your passion shines through each painting. One day I will buy one of your pieces, keep up the good work.

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