***state of the artist

the problem with having an exhibition, is that afterwards you find yourself wondering: what next…?  me, i find myself wondering about the future and planning all kinds of weird and wonderful things – the dreamer that i am!  all in good time, i tell myself, so now, i tell you too:  if you reach for the stars, perhaps you’ll hit the ceiling …or somewhere in between! thank you all, that graced us with your presence, it was an amazing evening and it wouldn’t have been the same without your support!  if however, you were unable to make it to our opening night, we are stil exhibiting until the 12th of december, so please drop by,  if you missed out on signing our guest book, please leave your email address here and we will add you to our mailing list for future events!  we are planning great things, so dont be missing out now…

forever greatful xk


~ by karinfaucheux on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “***state of the artist”

  1. Great exhibition! We were there and enjoyed it very much!!

  2. You have really fantastic work. I also am an artist & really love your stuff. How is Africa? Do you live there now? Stop back to my blogger & e-mail me. Ruthie Red is my facebook profile…if U want to friend me there…COOL! Have a good day!

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