2009 gallery

all paintings posted in my gallery are for sale.  if you like something that has already sold, i would be happy to do something similar on commission!  prices are in south african rands and does not include postage. for further details please feel free to contact me via email – see contact details.  in the meantime, enjoy and keep on checking this space! k

whie noisewhite noise
oil on canvas

curtain callcurtain call
oil on canvas

saving gracesaving grace
oil on canvas

on second thoughton second thought
oil on canvas

the hat trickthe hat trick
oil on canvas
r3500 – SOLD

the great escapethe great escape
oil on canvas
r3200 – SOLD


2 Responses to “2009 gallery”

  1. I LOVE “on second thought”. Is it still available? Might need to negotiate with my husband for that one… Congratulations on opening your exhibition.

  2. Hey Karin
    Its Jill Sives(now Adams!!)
    Your work is amazing I am continually impressed!! Looking fantastic. Wish I could be at your exibit, have a drinky on me!!!
    I miss You lots, its 40 degreesC here, slowly settling in, I am practising patience!!!
    I hope You are well. You are a very good artist, my friend. You are now on the right path. Do You have an e-mail adress, Id like to send You some pics from my chocolate workshop, It was fun I really enjoyed it!
    Take care, keep up the excellent work. Love Jillxxx

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