***state of the artist

beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder… no matter what it is, it’s that we all experience it at some point that matters. the way it tugs at ones soul, the way it alters paradigms.  the way we then hold onto the very next inspired emotion.  because isn’t that what beauty is?  an inspired emotion?   it can be inspirational and destructive all at the same time.  but mostly it inspires me…

there is a certain power and relief in creating something inspired by the beautiful in this world.  it enriches your own soul and in turn has the power to go on and inspire another.

camille pisarro once said on the subject of success;  man makes a lot of money and the world sees success, when the man dies though, the world forgets.  but the artist! oh, the artist touches the soul of this world, transforms it and the world remembers, that, he said was greatness!

i aspire to touch at least one soul and i can only dream that the world remembers.


~ by karinfaucheux on April 26, 2009.

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