***state of the artist

this design studio Christmas picnic has got me painting like a crazy woman again…  so little time, so much to do!  why is it that i always get into this panicked rush before my exhibitions?  maybe because,  i work so much better with a deadline…

im really excited about the work i’ve been doing as it is a little different from my usual stuff,  mostly still life and a little nostalgic that i thought suitable for this event as Christmas seems to bring out that little bit of nostalgia in most of us, well, it certainly does for me.  the subject is a bit retro inspired that falls in that ‘memories’ catagory that the holidays also represent!  would love to upload a sneak peak as i usually do, but am having trouble with my camera, so be patient and perhaps the fun lies in the anticipation… a little like waiting for santa! see you on the 3rd! xk


~ by karinfaucheux on November 24, 2009.

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