about the artist

being an artist has become a way of life.to create is to breathe.to observe becomes inspiration, an obsession with colours, shape and form. i see harmony, or not, in everyday objects.it’s an addiction to interpretation. i am still learning, but i am finding it increasingly fascinating, how it consumes me. i am finding a voice i never knew i had



‘colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment’ claude monet



as a child i took art and pottery classes with my best friend after school.in high school i was the only student in my year to enrol in the art course and had a teacher come in from the local art college to teach me… when she could, which was not often!subsequently, i often ended up in the german class, having still to write an art exam at the end of the year!…i was adamant!

after school, i chose a career in food, hoping to entertain my craving soul that i have been teasing with creativity for so many years.along the way i found myself wanting, enrolled in part time art and pottery classes in london, england where i was living at the time.experimental pottery classes at the camden art school and creative painting classes at the southwalk art academy fed my mind with ideas and possibilities…so after 10years of travelling and working as a chef, i finally packed away my whites, came home to africa, set up studio at home and have been painting for almost three years now, with work exhibited at local galleries.  i currently paint from my studio at home and am planning exhibitions at local spots around the cape, so keep an  eye on my homepage, ‘the state of the artist’ for upcoming events and exhibitions!  …and keep on leaving those comments! xk


3 Responses to “about the artist”

  1. thank you so much for linking my blog! 🙂

  2. Hallo!It was nice meeting you at he 2Oceans (July 2011)I like your use of colour and the joy in your work.Marie Prinsloo http://www.marieprinsloo.co.za

  3. I think it’s great you have found your true passion and are following your heart. It’s important that we are happy in what we do! I do understand as a hospitality professional myself that it can be hard to combine the two (cheffing and artistry). I read that you are also a private chef. It would be great to be in touch.

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