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well, the opening was great, the gluvein and onion soup too…  thank you to everyone that came to support.  already i have some interest in my work and im hoping we all sell out!  thank you also to cafe paradiso, our hosts  and to dr helgo schomer, psychiatrist and radio personality on 567 cape talk (you can catch him on soul to soul with dr schomer) who introduced us as artists.

for those of you that missed last night, all works will be on display until 10 sept 09.  and now, to sell, sell, sell…


***state of the artist

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its up!  at last, right!  please  have a squiz at my rather-late-than-never-but-all-so-exciting-brand-spanking-new-2009-gallery-page!  also a preview to some of my work on show at the exhibition, i dream in many colours, opening tonight at cafe paradiso.  see invite for more information!  pop round, there are also some exciting works on display by  fellow artists;  mishe watkins, leigh oosthuizen, priscilla schoonbee, helene de villiers and jacqui brand.

***state of the artist

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finally, i have finished!  9 works to go on display and as promised i will post a 2009 gallery as soon as possible.  now, to see you all there…

***state of the artist

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here follows the official invite for the ‘i dream in many colours’ art exhibition @ cafe paradiso, kloof street, cape town on 6 august 09 @ 18h00.  i have attached one example of my works that will be exhibited as a taster of what to expect!  once the exhibition has opened, i will add all works to my blog for further viewing!  i am looking forward to seeing ya’ll there!

on second thought

invite for blog

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so, i know i have been quiet for far too long.  but its all happening here again and i wanted to spread the word of my next exhibition to celebrate woman’s day ’09 (9 august 09) at the legendary cafe paradiso in kloof street, cape town (check out link for more info)!  it’s a 5week exhibit with a very cool opening evening planned on thursday, 6th august 09!   will post more info a little later in the week with perhaps a sneak peak of my work, but as you can see the dates are just round the corner and i need to keep on keeping on if i want to get done before.  but, check back in a bit…    by following this blog, you can keep track of any updates and future events.

***state of the artist

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beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder… no matter what it is, it’s that we all experience it at some point that matters. the way it tugs at ones soul, the way it alters paradigms.  the way we then hold onto the very next inspired emotion.  because isn’t that what beauty is?  an inspired emotion?   it can be inspirational and destructive all at the same time.  but mostly it inspires me…

there is a certain power and relief in creating something inspired by the beautiful in this world.  it enriches your own soul and in turn has the power to go on and inspire another.

camille pisarro once said on the subject of success;  man makes a lot of money and the world sees success, when the man dies though, the world forgets.  but the artist! oh, the artist touches the soul of this world, transforms it and the world remembers, that, he said was greatness!

i aspire to touch at least one soul and i can only dream that the world remembers.

***state of the artist

•November 29, 2008 • 2 Comments

the problem with having an exhibition, is that afterwards you find yourself wondering: what next…?  me, i find myself wondering about the future and planning all kinds of weird and wonderful things – the dreamer that i am!  all in good time, i tell myself, so now, i tell you too:  if you reach for the stars, perhaps you’ll hit the ceiling …or somewhere in between! thank you all, that graced us with your presence, it was an amazing evening and it wouldn’t have been the same without your support!  if however, you were unable to make it to our opening night, we are stil exhibiting until the 12th of december, so please drop by,  if you missed out on signing our guest book, please leave your email address here and we will add you to our mailing list for future events!  we are planning great things, so dont be missing out now…

forever greatful xk